Friday, November 05, 2004

Pet Peeves!!!

My pet peeves are as follows:

1. The good ole handicapped placards that people can conviently put on their mirror to get the parking. U notice most of these are on $100k cars. If you're handicapped get in on your plate or dont park in the spot!!!
2. Truck drivers that jump in to the passing lane to prevent you from passing them.
3. Shallow people.
4. People who don't know how to use God to solve their anxitey's and worries.
5.Wife beaters, Child molesters, Rapists, Murders, Lobbyists, Child & Animal Abusers.
6. Speed Traps.
7. Selfish Self Centered People.
8. Diet anything.
9. Our societiy's class system.
10. Cynical people.
11. The govt.
12. Bush
13. Elevators that get stuck.
14. Judgemental people. Not me lol and Hypocryites!! not me again lol
15. The belief that pot is worse than alcohol.
16. Drug companies, Oil companies.
17. O J Simpson.
18. People who can't get over the past.
19. Only being able to get NFL's Sunday Ticket on Direct TV. So unfair.
20. Salespeople who don't respect another salesperson trying to sell them something.
21. Rich people's kids not having to serve in Iraq.
22. Black people who always use the n word and then take offense to any non black who does. Whatever. Sticks and stones...but names will never hurt me. Call me whatever you want. I don't give a flip. I'll never get upset if you call me a honky, cracker, or whatever. Hang your blame game on something else besides something that ended a 140 yrs ago. Which no one here was alive to take part in either end of it. All those Master's and Slaves are Dead. Get over it, every race has been enslaved at some point in history, MOVE ON!!!

I'll add to this list as I remember more.

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Kassi said...

My comments:
8) Regular Coke is way better than diet!
13) Stupid elevators that get stuck! ( I think it's funny that you put this as #13, the floor our elevator was supposed to stop on!)
14) Hypocrites... lol.
15) Pot is legally worse than alcohol. If alcohol were illegal, they would be equally as bad.
22) Lol. Yeah, I agree! However, the n word will never be a normal part of my speech.