Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Distractions Continue..

The lead news story for the last week is about the Supreme Court nominee and the good ole right to life issue. The Bush Adminstration and the religous right are such hypocrites. Let's save unborn babies, but we can send over 2,000 US service men& women to thier graves in Iraq, plus over 10,000 Iraqi children killed. Give me a break. Idiots!!! These people are dying to make the rich richer. How many mega rich and politicians sons and daughters are in Iraq?? Answer 1. I can imagine how Bush's Iraq policy would change if his precious daughters had to serve in Iraq. We'd be out in 2 seconds. That good old class system insures that the mega rich will never have to worry about thier children dying in Iraq. Just the poor and less fortunate, that must join the military for either job training or the money to go to college. Job training and money for college should be an American right, not required military commitment.

More math...$450 billion spent in Iraq....That equals $180,000 per American citizen or over $2,000,000 per Iraqi citizen. I ask who has that money??? Wake up America!!! Is that money well spent?

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Bil Simser said...

Wow! Wow! I can't belive the math. That's insane. America is asleep at the wheel. Unreal.