Saturday, October 29, 2005

Oil Companies Post Record Profits.

Can you imagine if General Motors made $10 billion dollars in a quarter. Public outrage and people saying the car people a crooks. Oil companies have profited on disaster and tragedy. George Bush and the politicians have been paid a percentage of these profits to allow this to happen. Gas is essentail to American life. We can't boycott gas. The oil companies are a monopoly. It's so unfair. Once again poor pay the rich to get richer with no return benefit at all.

Bush is doing his best to distract us from the truth. Supreme Court, Libby's inditement, Iraq. 2000 dead now. Zero dead from the mega rich's families. The price the non mega rich people must pay. Sad so sad. No wonder people hate America. We are the biggest hypocrites in the world. Our government is a mega corrupt, and oppressing system. No one would be happy with us pushing this system on them. Thus you have suicide bonmbers. The American Revolution was one of the most successful terrorist action ever completed. The Indian's failed. Now it's the muslims extremist vs. US oppressive policies. These people are not blinded by our govt. and corp. america. They see the truth of our so called Democracy, it caters to the rich and not only leaves behide the less fortunate, it oppresses them. I ask will we ever wake up and affect a change?? I hope so!

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