Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sorry, we don't have enough pieces of paper with Dead Presidents on them??

In the early 70's Richard Nixon took US Currency off the gold standard. What's the gold standard?? It was when all of our currency was backed by gold by our govt. I ask what is it backed by now ?? Answer NOTHING, but "in god we trust". This leads to a point I wish to make.

In the good ole caveman days, when there was no such thing as money, what did mankind do to survive, take care of it's own, overcome catastrophies, and advance technology? Answer: what ever they had to do as a village to solve whatever problems they faced. There was no class system, mega-rich, or massive corporations. Government was established to cooridinate protect and to SERVE the village, to solve whatever problems the village as a whole faced. They didn't collect taxes. If a villager's house burned down, the village came together, built that family a new place to live.

So what has happend to this way of taking care of one another. It's the class system, which has allowed us now to have the Mega-rich to the Mega-poor. All rooted by money. Pieces of paper with Dead Presidents on them. Govt should never have to collect taxes or money. Why cant we feed, shelter, educate the less fortunate?Why cant we cure disease, explore space, solve mankinds problems?? Not because we don't have the knowledge or abilties, because we don't have enough money, or as I say, pieces of paper with Dead Presidents on them. How idiotic is that? If we can do something let's do it! What ever happend to the village? The village that never let currency stand in the way of progress. Taxes were invented by the monoarchies of the early world to opress the less fortunate, establish a higher class, which no longer had to make a contribution to the village. It's greed and theft pure and simple.

How do we solve this problem my friend? Very simple. Govt just prints whatever currency it needs to solve its societies problems. It's not backed by anything anyway but"in god we trust". No taxes, no deficits, no starving people, no homeless, techonology being advanced, free health care, free education, free job training, diseases cured. The village is back!! The American Dream is still intact. 99% of all of mankinds problems are solved. The only people who say this is a crazy, uneducated idea, and will wreck the worlds economies is the Mega-Rich, who want to continue to oppress the poor and less fortunate. Shame on you and your greed. Your judgement day will come!

I ask you where in any religious teaching does is talk about having enough money to do god's will?? Zero my friend !! In my future posts I will list what govt should provide to every person. That is why govt was established in the first place, to keep order and take care of ALL of its people. Not to tax and oppress. Which is exactley what its does today. Wake up people!!!


The Shrike said...

Michael, you ever think of running for president?

Kassi said...

I like how you use a lot of "?" marks and "!" marks, lol. I can tell when you are very heated about your discussion. As far as "in God we trust," People have turned away from God and no longer trust in Him, they trust in other things such as looks and money and the government... things that will fade away in time. God never wanted to tax or opress people, He just said what's God's is God's and what's Caesar's is Caesar's. The government does need reform, what's 250 years of tradition against 5000 years of history? Change can happen! While you're at it, you might want to talk about the nations education system... just food for thought ;)

rippy said...

How do we even know how much money the govt prints anyway?? Great ideas Michael.

B.F.M. said...

Sorry dude, I'm not wearing caveman clothes or living in a cave.