Saturday, June 16, 2007

Iraq Math

I guesstimate we have spent over 1.5 trillion on Iraq sent the war began. Let me break that down for you with some interesting numbers.

That equals
$750,000 per Iraqi Citizen
$50,000 per US citizen.

Just think we could of gave every person in Iraq $750k.
It's unbelievable. So where's the money?? Defense contractors mainly, who ever else greases the Congress and Pentagon with lobbyists and bribes.

The biggest cost though is the over 3000 troops and 100,000 Iraqi civilians that have been killed. What caused this?? 9/11 where less than 3000 died. So now after 100,000 plus innocent lives, 1.5 trillon dollars what is the result??? Less terrorism??? Nope, we now have so much more. When are we going to wake up? The only beneficiaries from this spending and conflict are the usual parties, Big Oil and Defense Contractors. Companies that are absolute monopolies, they make more profits than any companies in the world. Yes America our 1.5 trillion at work. Are you proud?? I'm fuckin embarrassed and pissed, but what can I do? Blog it baby! lol
Vote?? For one sellout vs another, I'll pass. We need another revolution!

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