Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Do the freakin math!!

So far 62 billion dollars allocated by congress for hurricane relief. Let see 1 million people lost homes in the hurricanes, that's $62,000 per person. So if u have a family of four that equals $248,000. I think they could get a fresh start with that, don't you?? That doesn't include any charity money. Who gets the $$$?? not the poorest people who need it, the corporations that's who. The contractors and industries who grease Congress with their lobbyists and cash. The oil companies are good ole Bush cronies, who are making billions in oil profits, while he sits back and laughs at the poor . I'm freakin tired of this crap. How bout you?? Lets slap a disaster tax of 50% on any company that makes a windfall on tragdey and castrophies.

They want to rebuild New Orleans??? What for?? So this all can happen again?? Wake up America!!! Fill the ground below sea level above sea level morons, then it won't flood. Dah. Scientists say you can't because it will just sink back down. Well the levies are fill and they dont sink. Whatever. If we rebuild, then all we have to do is wait for another Cat 3 to do this all over again, or a terrorist can just blow up a levy when the water is high enough. Dah. If you want to live in places where this kind of tradgedy can happen in the future then the govt needs to say you are at your own risk. We can't afford to bail idiots who live in disaster zones out over and over. Tell me what you think!!! Speak up!!!

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